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Images that simply work

There is no better way to introduce your brand and your products to new customers than showing them professional images revealing their detail and feel. Many times is the image that first attracts the viewer and it usually is the last thing the viewer remembers so professional photography could probably become one of your most powerful marketing tools.

It is our job to shoot images that will answer your brief and satisfy or hopefully exceed your expectations providing you high-quality photographs that sell the benefits of your products and reinforce your brand awareness.

As advertising photographer specializing in interior photography, Néstor Marchador pays special attention to the lighting, styling and the background looking always for the best compositions within the guidelines provided. In order to achieve excellent results we work in every shooting session with a team of professional interior designers from Dröm Living Studio. They manage the home styling in every location.

We manage everything:

  1. We start with a strategy meeting with you in order to understand your products and your brand values, the message you aim to communicate with your photographs as well as the different audiences you are trying to reach.
  2. Most of our work is carried out on locations that must be chosen and checked for their suitability. We manage it quickly and easy for you.
  3. During each photographic session we always work closely with an experienced team of interior designers who manage a professional home styling service to dress interiors where your products are exposed making spaces look as warm and cozy as possible.
  4. Each single image is full edited during the post-production work to meet excellent technical results.
  5. We provide your company with a complete report ready to be used to illustrate and enhance a story or report, used widely in websites, e-commerce, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, newsletters, books, corporate brochures and leaflets etc.

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Recent reports of advertising photography


    • Esther Boscasa

      Sitges Group Manager

      “Sitges Group Apartments, ha tenido el privilegio y el placer de trabajar con Fotointeriores, obteniendo unas fotografías espléndidas donde dejan verdaderamente reflejado y se palpa, la frescura de nuestros apartamentos, la luz y la confortabilidad de ellos”

    • Meritxell Campoy

      Marketing Manager at Sonpura

      “Elegimos a Néstor por la calidez de sus fotografías de interiores y por su sensibilidad en el tratamiento de la luz y el color. Hay muchas fotos de espacios, pero pocas seducen por su atmosfera como lo hacen las de Néstor. El resultado superó las expectativas. Néstor empatizó rápidamente con la idea creativa y se mostró totalmente comprometido con el proyecto hasta el final.”

    • Helena Delisle

      Marketing Manager at +Visión y Solaris

      “Un trabajo muy profesional y cualitativo en el que gracias a la dedicación y esfuerzo de Néstor obtuvimos unas imágenes inmejorables que superaron con creces nuestras expectativas.”

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